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Using a Touch Phone


Customer service is at the forefront of our operations and is of paramount importance. We have worked hard to develop an innovative ordering solution for our customers that offers both ease of use and time saving abilities, to further enhance the service we offer.

Our bespoke ordering app links in to our existing trading portal, meaning that all of your products, pricing and order history are available at the touch of a button.


It's easy!

We set up customers' portals and provide a user guide for reference, but all customers need to do after setting up their log in and downloading the app is to open the app, add their order information and press send.

It negates error.
Mis-heard answerphone orders and poor phone signal issues are a thing of the past.

It's quick and detailed.
Customers have immediate ordering ability and price visibility in their hands. Customers' full and specific product descriptions and pack sizes are shown, negating the need for secondary specification sheets or manuals. We simply input your products specs into the app, enabling you to quickly add the products you need to your order at the touch of a screen.

Instant confirmation.
Within 30 seconds of pressing send, customers receive email confirmation that their order has been received and will be processed accordingly.

It stores full order history.
Chef taken sick? Another team member can simply log into the app to check if an order has been placed. All orders have their own unique purchase order identifier, making it a doddle to check previous orders and quantities, and inform future orders.

Pre-ordering available.
Diary full with Christmas functions or wedding parties? We can pre-load up to 30 pre-orders in advance to assist with business elements such as function work, giving customers peace of mind that orders have been placed and enabling focus to be moved onto other tasks.

It allows you to talk to us.
Our app has been developed with chefs in mind thanks to strong input from Mark Gilmore, our sales manager and former chef. We know you need to talk to us from time to time, so to make it easy we've added a comments box with unlimited space. Can't find an additional product you want to order? Need to alert us to an issue? Just want to tell us you enjoyed one of our tasty steaks? Pop it in the comments box and we'll get back to you!

Useable on all devices.
Whether you work on a PC desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, our app is responsive across the board.

It's free.
And always will be!

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