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We source some of our British beef and lamb from a number selected farms, many in upland beauty areas in the North of England.

Some of these farms are located in our stunning National Parks, which enjoy a high level of environmental protection and are dominated by small family-run farms. We are the only catering butchers to offer a specialist premium range of National Parks beef and lamb products, when seasonally available.

We believe that by sourcing livestock from these areas we contribute to the viability of these traditional farms and the preservation of these important landscapes and habitats.

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Consistent Eating Quality


All our British beef cattle and lambs are reared slowly on grass pastures and fed natural forage diets that develop the richness and depth of the flavour inherent in this superior quality meat.

By drawing livestock from this spectrum of English countryside, including National Parks, we are able to optimise the availability and seasonality of the animals and ensure the finest eating quality throughout the year whenever possible.




We are Red Tractor Scheme and the EBLEX Quality Standard Scheme accredited for our British beef and lamb supply chains.


This underpins the highest standards of welfare for our livestock through the whole supply chain, and provides a guarantee of consistent, enhanced eating quality.

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Prime cuts of beef (including sirloin, rib eye, fore rib, fillet, rump and topside) are matured, some hanging on the bone for a minimum of 21 days.


All our meat is hung for a minimum period depending on the cut and customer requirements to ensure the tenderness and flavour develops fully in all prime products - we believe the best results take time.


Quality Assurance


All livestock for our British Beef and Lamb brand meets the assurance criteria of the Red Tractor Scheme and the EBLEX Quality Standard Scheme for beef and lamb.


This is further enhanced by our own in-house quality systems for optimal processing, packaging and adherence to specification, to ensure our products deliver in every sense, every time.

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