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Northern Catering's lean and nutritious Game is sourced from prestigious sporting estates in the North of England.

Wild Venison comes from the West Highlands of Scotland and is available throughout the year; our range provides many opportunities to create innovative, tasty dishes prepared from a meat which is both cholesterol and virtually fat free.

We also offer a variety of exotic meats and speciality products (details are available on request).

Please contact us for specific details about available cuts and products.

our  guide  to  seasonal  game

Pigeon and rabbit: available all year

Venison: the three main species of deer - Red, Fallow and Roe - have different close seasons, so venison is available all year round

Grouse: August 12th - December 10th

Mallard and Teal: September 1st - January 31st

Partridge: September 1st - January 31st

Pheasant: October 1st - February 1st

Woodcock: October 1st - January 31st

Other species: We can supply all other species when available, please ask for details

Exotics: All exotics are subject to availability upon request, for example bison, ostrich, snake and crocodile

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