We are the only catering butchers to offer a premium range of National Parks beef and lamb products.


The range is sourced exclusively from the UK'S 15 National Parks, principally the North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District.

The national parks enjoy a high level of environmental protection and are dominated by small family-run farms.


We believe that by sourcing livestock from these areas we contribute to the viability of these traditional farms and the preservation of these important landscapes.


All the beef cattle and lambs and reared slowly on grass pastures and fed natural forage diets that develop the richness and depth of the flavour inherent in this superior quality meat.

By drawing livestock from this spectrum of National Parks we are able to optimise the availability and seasonality of the animals and ensure the finest eating quality throughout the year.


To ensure year-round availability and to suit modern farming practices we use a variety of continental cross breeds and traditional native breeds, such as Hereford, Angus, Shorthorn and Galloway.


Our entire beef and lamb supply chains are Farm Assured and Red Tractor accredited.

Furthermore, because we have strong relationships with the farmers participating in our National Parks procurement scheme and all livestock travels directly to the abattoir (as oppose to the potentially stressful environment of the livestock market) we are able to ensure the health and welfare of our National Parks cattle and lambs.


Prime cuts of National Parks beef (including sirloin, rib eye, fore rib, fillet, rump and topside) are dry matured hanging on the bone for a minimum of 21 days.

All our beef and lamb is traditionally butchered to the highest quality specifications and standards and prepared to individual customer requirements. We believe the best results take time.


All livestock selected for our National Parks brand is from farm assured farms and is transported and processed through a fully assured and independently inspected supply chain.

The brand meets the assurance criteria of the Red Tractor Scheme and the EBLEX Quality Standard Scheme for beef and lamb, which provides a guarantee of consistent, enhanced eating quality.